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Our membership fees and categories of membership

Membership Categories

Full Membership

A Full Member is entitled to swim at all session appropriate to their squad and may be invited to extra sessions at the coaches discretion.

Full members are entitled to be selected to represent the Club in galas. Full members are also eligible to enter the annual Club Championship.

The Club would like to stress that the level of the subscriptions aims to cover running costs for the whole year. Closures for holidays and routine maintenance have been taken into consideration; however any long-term pool closures for whatever reason cannot be foreseen.



Membership fees for the complete year are set according to which squad a member is in as of the 1st January of that year.

Full membership Fees


Annual S/O

Monthly Cash/Cheque

Pay in advance

Squad 3




Squad 2




Squad 1




* Discount to apply only when the total annual fee is paid in full by no later than 25th January of the year to which the fee relates

Full members must be registered with Swim England, the cost of which is included in the annual Club subscription fees. The Club does not influence the cost of the Swim England registration fees, these are set independently. The largest item of expenditure for the Club is pool hire. This cost is (usually) constant throughout the year making it possible for us to estimate an annual subscription cost per swimmer.

The annual membership fees are reviewed annually (at the AGM) by the Committee of the Club, the objective being to ensure that the fixed operating costs of the Club are covered by the membership fees and therefore that the financial viability of the Club is secure. The Club requests that, upon subscribing each year, members commit to fees for a minimum period of 6 months. This affords the Club a greater degree of confidence when appraising future investment and development costs.
Please note that prompt payment is critical to the viability of our Club. The Club will aim to make members / member’s parents or guardians aware of amounts owing to the club at the earliest opportunity. Upon receipt of this advice, it is the responsibility of members / member’s parents or guardians to settle outstanding fees promptly.


GASC organises fundraising events to boost the Clubs funds. These have included a back pack and sponsored swims. If you can think of any events that can be held to raise funds for the Club please feel free to suggest them to your coach or a member of the committee. All worthwhile suggestions will be considered. Also if you know of anyone (a company or an individual) who would like to make a contribution (however large or small) to the Club please feel free to again suggest them to your coach or a member of the committee.
The Club is run purely by volunteers, who give up a lot of their spare time, not only to coach the swimmers, but also to manage the Club administration. The cost of running the Club, such as the hire of the pool and equipment, paying for coaching courses and subsidising swimming and social events, comes mainly from the subscriptions and fundraising.

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