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Get Involved

Find out how you can get involved with Guisborough Amateur Swimming Club

Want to Help?

Why not ask one of the coaches if you can help? One of the easiest ways to help is by timekeeping during timings at the training sessions or galas, or even helping organise the swimmers at poolside on gala days.

The Club needs more volunteers so please contact any coach to volunteer some help in any way from fundraising to poolside.


Open Day

Each year the Club organises at least one open day, normally on a Saturday during the spring or autumn. This day is used to encourage new swimmers to come along for a swim, get some initial coaching and also see a demonstration from some of the Club’s more experienced swimmers.

Club Championships

Each year the swimming Club organises the Guisborough Championship Gala Day where full members can participate in swimming races. This event is normally held in November of each year, with the heats held during one or more of the weekly training sessions and then the finals on a Saturday. Anyone who is a Full Member is encouraged to participate in the gala and parents and friends are invited along to cheer on the swimmers. There are medals for the finalists, trophies for the winners and also an award for each age group winner.

The Club disco follows the Gala on the evening when trophies and awards are presented to the swimmers. A fun relaxing time is had by all after the excitement of the Gala Day.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents and/or relatives are welcome to watch training sessions at any time. If you have to leave your child at the pool, please return within good time to pick them up. However, the committee would strongly encourage parents and relatives to remain at the poolside for the duration of the session, to show support, not only for the child, but also towards the Club as a whole. The Committee would actively urge parents to become involved in the running of the Club, at whatever level they feel they could.

GASC also strongly encourages parents to support the swimmers at galas and show respect to the other swimmers at all times, especially at the start of races.

Club Patrons

GASC would like to thank the following organisations for their sponsorship of gala trophies for the Club:

As well as the above, GASC would also like to thank the many families who have provided trophies for the Championship Gala.

 Club Sponsors

GSC would like to thank the following sponsors who have gifted rewards to our club and helped with fundraising:

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