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About Guisborough Amateur Swimming Club

The Club's aim is to promote swimming in the Teesside area. Swimmers of all levels are offered the best opportunity to improve their swimming techniques through regular, first class, coaching and encouraged to participate in local swimming galas as individuals or as a team member.
We hope to help you improve your swimming, whilst you are with us and also give you the opportunity to make new friends. Above all, we hope that you enjoy your time as a member of GASC. We have a reputation for being a small and friendly club and are pleased for you to be part of this.

Guisborough ASC is affiliated with Swim England and all events are run under Swim England Rules. Swim England is the National Governing Body for swimming, establishing the Laws of the Sport and organising swimming competitions throughout England. For more information on Swim England check out their website

The Club uses the facilities made available at Guisborough swimming baths, Howlbeck Road, Guisborough (01287 633311). GASC has its own notice board in corridor leading to the pool. This notice board is constantly updated with information, especially galas and social events – so check it frequently. There is also a notice board at the poolside, showing personal best times and recent gala results.

Moors Swim Squad

As a Club swimmer you may be asked to represent Guisborough ASC in the Moors League Galas. In these galas, GASC swims against clubs such as Eston, Saltburn and Marske, Northallerton and Stokesley. At each gala the clubs are awarded points for their performance and at the end of each year, the club with the most points wins the league.

As part of the Moors League there is also the Moors Swim Squad, which is a squad of swimmers selected from the local clubs. Certain Open and Graded galas are swum under the ‘Moors Swim Squad’ banner, under the watchful eye of the head coach, Andrew Young of GASC. If you are asked to represent the Moors Swim Squad you will be competing as a team with members from other clubs – use this opportunity to cement relationships and make friends.

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